Amie Sao- Baiima

"Amie Sao- Baiima, Mandu chiefdom, Kailahun District"

“The health insurance box that was brought by SEND Sierra Leone with support from Irish Aid and Christian Aid has been so much impactful to me”, exclaimed Amie Sao a farmer in Baiima community, Mandu chiefdom, Kailahun district.

Months into the savings of the health insurance scheme, Amie Sao’s last born of five who was about 39 months old got sick and was diagnosed with malaria. The free health care drugs were administered to her but after several weeks, the baby’s condition rather deteriorated. Further tests were conducted and the results showed the baby was suffering from Anemia.

“This was a heavy burden, I cried endlessly, my husband had travelled and I did not have sufficient money on me to take care of all the bills. I quickly went to my community group members and borrowed 300,000 Leones from the Health Insurance Scheme. With this money I was able to buy all the necessary drugs the free health care did not cover for my baby. My baby regained her strength gradually and became healthy. She is now five years old and I have no regrets of being a part of this scheme. This box has taught me that No man is an Island”, Amie expressed.

It is Amie’s hope to cultivate a big rice farm during this planting season which will enable her save some income from the sale of the harvest to be invested into her business after the planting season.