SEND Sierra Leone and Irish Aid as well as other partners including Trocaire, UNDP, UNWOMEN and Christian Aid in Sierra Leone are organising the Female Leaders Conference 2023 to empower and uplift female Members of Parliament, Councilors, City Mayors,District Chairpersons, Ministers and female Deputies in Sierra Leone. The Conference will foster networking possibilities, build resilience, champion women's networks, and support mental well-being for transformative leadership and governance.Additionally, we envision a future with visionary, ethical leadership, and strategic decision-making that propels our society towards equality andprosperity for all. Through this conference, we aim to develop capacities in transformative policy and legislature, advocacy, and lobbying skills, empowering female leaders to drive forward gender equality and female development. Lastly, we aim to harness the power of new technologies and social media platforms to create dynamic movements that advance equitable local social development and foster community engagement.

- This event is strictly non-political and focuses on women as Leaders irrespective of their political affliations!
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