“Yusuf is an empowered teacher thanks to the support by European Union, Welthungerhilfe and SEND”

Yusuf Quee is a volunteer teacher in Lawana’s only community primary school. He finds it difficult to feed as he is an untrained and unqualified teacher. His source of live is farming and combines this with his teaching volunteering. Parents sometimes contribute food and non-food items to encourage him to teach their children. He would loan money from the credit Union in Dodo to take care of his family but struggled to pay back as it attracted high interest rate.

“This was so frustrating that at some point I thought of leaving my community but then I felt the urge to stay back and support our children get access to education”.

When the project was introduces he reluctantly joined as he thought the VSLA approach would also attract high interest rates when one take a loan. After the trainings, Yusuf gladly joined the VSLA and was made secretary of “Amulema ”meaning “Let us come together.

He took a loan of four hundred thousand to embark on his agricultural activities. With a profit of about 900,000 leones, Yusuf enrolled himself on a distance learning course to ensure he acquires further education to enable him be part of the payroll system.

Hoping to graduate soon, he has committed himself continuing teaching in-order to contribute to ensuring that children in that part of the community access education.

“Without this project, I wouldn’t have had access to loan facilities. Now I can confidently loan and repay back on time. Thank you European Union, SEND and Welthungerhilfe for thinking of Lawana community for this project implementation." Yusuf remarked joyfully.