Community Empowerment To Participate In Health Service Deliver Appreciate, Learn And Transfer(SALT) Approach


Community Empowerment To Participate In Health Service Deliver Appreciate, Learn And Transfer(SALT) Approach

Due to decades of war and the Ebola epidemic, Sierra Leone’s health and education infrastructure are limited to urban areas. Inhabitants in rural areas do not without access to quality health and education infrastructure and as such do not receive healthcare services and are mostly illiterate. Healthcare providers are also without the requisite training to engage patients effectively and are unable to handle complex health situations leading to worsening of health issues in the communities. Also due to lack of education and societal stereotypes, rural communities are unable and receive in some cases healthcare services.

SEND Sierra Leone is committed to the construction and equipping of healthcare facilities to a standard capable of handling healthcare issues in the community. SEND Sierra Leone with its partners will train healthcare providers and educate the public on personal and community health to help them improve their health.

Project Fact Sheet


Project Implementing Partner:

SEND Sierra Leone

Project Location:



9 months

Project Budget:

€ 100,000

Project Thematic Areas:

Community Empowerment to participate in Service Delivery.

Contact details and contact

Joseph Ayamga,

Country Director

SEND Sierra Leone

8 Morigbeh Street, Reservation

Road, Kenema,

Sierra Leone


Project Problem

  • - Poor quality of healthcare service by healthcare providers.
  • - Lack of public awareness on safe healthcare practices.
  • - Lack of adequate healthcare structures and the lack of trust between communities and institutions.
  • - Due to traditional stereotypes accessing healthcare is difficult.
  • Project Solution

    changing the mindset of the community

    Focusing on changing the mindset of the community so that they question their roles and responsibilities to allow them to adapt and create indigenous solutions for their challenges.

    Development Of Communities

    Increase the capacity of the community to enable them to take advantage of their assets to develop their own community through forums.

    Decision Making

    Integration of the community in decision making.

    Target Beneficiaries

    Rural Communities

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