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In response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Sierra Leone as first two cases were recorded, the Government of Sierra Leone has announced a state of public health emergency and thus closed all air, land and sea borders, closed schools and restricted movement within the country. On Sunday,5th April 2020, the president ordered a nationwide mandatory total lockdown for the next 72 hours to help combat the immediate spread. This will probably be followed by other restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

We at SEND Sierra Leone intend to intervene in all our operational communities in order to contribute to preventing the virus from spreading and to create awareness among communities on the virus in order to protect themselves.

We will support a minimum of 1000 people in 50 communities. Female-headed households with children below the age of 18 years and persons with disability who have already been struggling with underlying health issues will be prioritized during this time as they are critically marginalized in their communities.

We intend to do the following in all our operational communities:
  • 1. provide support to local authorities in creation, procurement and use of information, education and communications (IEC) materials: Production of posters/illustrated books with text
  • 2. Megaphones for announcements.
  • 3. Integrate Covid-19 activities into ongoing activities such as awareness raising for Covid-19 in communities and IEC materials distribution in communities.
  • 4. Provide handwashing materials in public places in the communities in Kailahun and Kenema District (buckets, soap, hand sanitizer).
  • 5. Provide relief items such as foodstuffs to marginalized groups of people such as persons with disability.
  • We have already started to distribute relief items to people with disabilities in Kenema. 

    We are grateful for the support of all our international aid partners as they have continued to show immense faith in our planned activities to help fight COVID-19.

    Your donation will help us to react to this crisis and will 100% benefit the communities!