SEND Sierra Leone is a non governmental organisation that aims at alleviating poverty and shaping lives with the support of families, traditional leaders, government and other developmental organisation.

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Corporate Identity

We are a non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to creating a Sierra Leone where there is respect for human rights ,accountable governance ,food and nutrition security as well as equal opportunities for men and women to thrive. We liaise with communities, traditional authorities, government institutions and foreign partners to combine resources that will develop innovative solutions to alleviate poverty and enhance quality self-reliance.

With our strategic approach SEND Sierra Leone has adopted the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) to guide national development planning and implementation. The pursuit of economic equality and social equity are mainstreamed in the SDGs. Our commitment to the government is to improve the delivery of social services and prioritize the education sector.

Through this collaborative approach, we hope that our Strategic Plan will enable the target beneficiaries and communities to realize the SDGs for the sake of empowered people led by responsible Government.

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Promotion of good governance, voice, accountably basic services and equality for women and men in Sierra Leone.


A Sierra Leone where people’s rights and well-being are guaranteed.

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Core Values

We believe in the potential of PEOPLE to champion their own development, characterized by:

  • hex_img Participatory decision-making and development
  • hex_img Equality of women and men
  • hex_img Openness and accountability
  • hex_img Partnership for human development
  • hex_img Learning, innovation and sharing of knowledge
  • hex_img Enabling action based on information and evidence
  • Principles

  • hex_img Development is a human right that provides men and women with equal opportunity to actively participate in and contribute to the political, economic and social transformation of their communities.
  • hex_img Development is multi-dimensional, involving economic, political and social issues requiring integrated programming approaches to promote community- driven development initiatives, economic literacy and policy advocacy.
  • hex_img Forging strong partnerships with state and non-state actors that are characterized by mutual accountability, openness and effective communication, provide an enabling environment for innovative development programming.
  • hex_img Self-managed, community-based organizations are catalysts for promoting sustainability of development processes and initiatives.
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